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2009-06-26   DirectFB 1.4.1: solid-color windows and window association

A new DirectFB release with updated frame buffer system code, bug fixes and some new features: windows can now be dynamically associated to other windows, and support DWCAPS_COLOR: a solid color with no backing store, to save memory if you want a solid colour window (e.g. to make a transparent hole in your layer).

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The major features of this release are listed below.

fbdev system

  • fix for BGR555
  • removal of old code, addition of debug messages.
  • Check mode switching result in fbdevSetRegion() by reading back var info.
  • Check amount of video memory in fbdevTestRegion() to avoid running over buggy drivers' framebuffer.
  • fix spurious timing problems and lockups when vt-switching.


  • allow linux_input to run without an fbdev system


  • add resource ID also to window structure in case window has no surface
  • add DWCAPS_COLOR: creates a window with a fixed argb colour but no surface
  • add IDirectFBWindow::SetAssociation(): dynamic window association


  • add #ifdef to direct types to have a possibility to surpress these
  • Allow LIBPNG_LIBS and LIBPNG_CFLAGS to overrule nasty libpng-config usage.
  • Fixed missing JPEG=yes setting in configure when LIBJPEG is set manually.

furthermore the evolutionary fixes, small improvements, additional optimizations and added debugging statements.

You can find the release in the "Core" tab on the "Downloads" page, or click here.

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